Leadership team

In our company, leadership is not about climbing up the ladder and outsmarting others, but crafting paths for the journey without losing sight of where we come from. 

Our leaders rely on an intuition born of formative experiences to understand the expectations and concerns of the people they seek to influence. They retain their distinctiveness as individuals, yet they know how to win acceptance in strong corporate and social cultures, and how to use elements of those cultures as a basis for making changes happen. Our leaders are able to see patterns among multitude personality traits and see a context for change or create one. They encourage intellectual curiosity, diverse views and bring out the voice of others.

Our leaders combine genuine personal humility with intense professional will to perform. They inspire rather than instruct. All our leaders have worked and lived in places other than their country of origin. They recognise the cultural and social differences of the diverse workforce that they lead and the clients they serve. Our leaders bring great resolve to their work. They lead us to truth, worth, humility, innovation, joy, challenge and meaning. Through hard work and leading by examples, they lead us to lives that matter.

Sukhendu Pal
Chairman and Founder

Anthony Williams
Co-Chief Executive Officer

David J. Evans
Co-Chief Executive Officer

Dr Gina Sum
Advisor, Asia-Pacific

Charles Underwood
Advisor, EMEA and Asia-Pacific

Cliff Longman
Advisor, EMEA and the USA