Our expertise

Put simply, we help our clients reinvent themselves to remain relevant in the fast changing business world.

We work with our clients’ senior executive teams and not for them, which allows us to remain impartial and objective. We bring the best of Sirius & Company to every engagement including world-class experts from our external network.

Our clients look to us when they are under severe pressure and when true and independent insights are rare. We bring exceptional skills and expertise to solve our clients’ most complex and demanding problems. We work on matters that have major impacts on people, organisation, reputation and the profitability of our clients. We guide our clients to make the big decisions right.

Many companies adopt industry “best practices” to stay competitive, but high-performing companies do more: they embrace “next practices” to leapfrog competition and become leaders. Whilst our clients’ competitors are busy with implementing the “best practices”, we help our clients leverage the “next practices” to lead their industries. We share our findings with our clients in black and white leaving no room for ambiguity – sometimes it’s painful, but our clients value our directness because they know we have their interests at the core of whatever we do.