Today’s world of business is not just changing — it’s reinventing. What’s the difference? 

Change is doing something in an incrementally different way. Reinvention is not changing what it is, but creating what it isn’t – which means doing something so drastically different that it becomes a qualitative shift, not just quantitative. The move from LPs to iPod allows us to carry our entire music library in our pocket. The pervasive adoption of broadband, cloud, and mobile technologies connecting consumers, companies and governments. This new way of doing things is transforming every industry. If companies in the high-technology industry are to play a major role in enabling this process, they must reinvent themselves and that means developing the capabilities they will need to help their customers thrive while learning how to scale their solutions up to entire industries.

Whilst some technology companies are planning to reinvent themselves, enterprise information technology is rapidly becoming obsolete, and the traditional role of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) is increasingly irrelevant. As game changing technologies transform every business process, they also give companies the ability to create new products and services that were impossible just a few years ago. The old way was about technology centricity; the new way is about technology empowered business strategies. Today, technology isn’t just supporting tools, but it’s the heartbeat of the company. The old way was information management; the new way is information intelligence. The old way was IT and infrastructure management; the new way is platforms that enable new value chains and integrated ecosystems. The old way was cost management; the new way is driving to reinvent the business and accelerating growth.

We guide CIOs with major investment decisions that impact their company’s performance. Our expertise and insights, developed through working in high-tech companies and large-enterprise IT users, give us a unique understanding of the dynamic nature of the technology landscape and the complexity involved in using technology to deliver real value and impact. The net effect for our clients is significant improvement in their overall IT performance, productivity and returns on investment, along with a decrease in total cost of ownership.

Our thinking 

Technological innovation is not slowing down or leveling off, but ramping up – and businesses will soon face a barrage of new digital possibilities – there is no time for complacency

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