Over the past few years, people have developed a deep distrust of business leaders because of their self-surviving mentality, avoiding corporation taxes and assuming customers and other stakeholders to be less intelligent than them.

It is increasingly evident that we need a new kind of business leadership in the 21st century. New leaders demonstrate a passion for their purpose, practice their values consistently, and lead with their hearts as well as with their ethical mind. They establish long-term, meaningful relationships with all the relevant stakeholders and have the self-discipline to get results. They know who they are and not try to copy past leaders.

Smart leaders recognise that leadership is not about their success or about getting loyal subordinates to follow them. They know the key to a successful organisation is having empowered leaders at all levels, including those who have no direct reports. They not only inspire those around them, they empower those individuals to step up and lead.

Our thinking 

A true leader attracts great people and knows how to hold them together.

“The reason we believe you’re different is because your consultants held senior executive roles in large corporations and experienced the problems we face.”
COO of a Fund Management Company