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Retailing in Recession

Sukhendu Pal  15-10-2014 at 11:33 GMT

A cautious outlook from global luxury brands and a profit warning from few in recent weeks underscored growing concerns about the fashion retailing for the luxury sector. To make matter worse, Asian and Middle-Eastern demand for expensive bags, clothes and shoes wanes as geopolitical tensions in the Middle-East, Eastern Europe and elsewhere hurt sales. Chinese and European customers are nervous too, which will hurt full year wholesale revenue with currency movements curbing...read more >

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Fashion Retailing: Why Do Outlet Stores Exist?

Guest  14-10-2014 at 10:08 GMT

Why do outlet stores exist? The answer may seem obvious to most shoppers - they are places where companies get rid of factory seconds or outdated merchandise at heavily discounted prices. In other words: bargains, bargains, bargains. Indeed, that may have been the case when the outlet stores first appeared in the 1930s, usually located in rural areas and selling damaged or irregular clothing.

Even though most garment manufacturing has moved overseas a long while ago, outlet stores have continued to exist. And, far from just selling...read more >

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Profits and perils of growing in the emerging markets

Sukhendu Pal  23-09-2014 at 09:42 GMT

The rational for investing in the emerging markets is simple. However, entering the emerging markets successfully require considerably more than just tweaking the domestic or developed market strategy. As we work with CEOs of large companies in Europe and theUSA, we see a mixture of enthusiasms and lack of insight of the emerging markets. So many companies from the developed countries try to take shortcut to learning by applying the domestic formula or entering into a partnership of convenience. While only a handful of these partnerships...read more >

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