Use of cookies

Overview and giving your permission

When you visit the Sirius & Company website using a web browser or similar tool, a small file (a "cookie") may be stored on your computer or other access device, which sends Sirius & Company information about your usage of its website.

Sirius & Company may access and update this information during subsequent visits that you make to its website. All of the cookies listed in this document are persistent cookies.

Cookies are set by Sirius & Company for a number of reasons including the measurement of the popularity of the content of our websites, setting and recording the preferences of visitors to our websites, and tracking the progress of visitors through online forms.

The recording of information upon the access devices of visitors to Sirius & Company  website is performed with the assumption that visitors to our website are in agreement with the storage of cookies on their access devices. However visitors are encouraged to check the settings of their web browsers to ensure that they are allowing or preventing the settings of cookies in accordance with their preferences before visiting the Sirius & Company website.

Please note that in certain circumstances visitors to the Sirius & Company website may not experience the normal levels of service or functionality from the Sirius & Company website if they choose to disable the setting of cookies on their access devices.

Cookies used by Sirius & Company

The cookies used by Sirius & Company webpages remain on users' websites for different durations. The pages use:

Sirius & Company employs both first-party and third-party cookies to record information on the access devices of visitors to its websites.  First-party cookies are associated directly with the network domains of the Sirius & Company website from which they are deployed. Third party cookies are associated with network domains that are directly related to those of Sirius & Company.

We use first-party cookies to store user preferences and to provide statistical analysis on an anonymous basis, while third-party services use cookies to store settings and provide additional functionality.